Want to buy a new phone but don’t have enough funds? You can buy it in a small way. But what if you don’t have a credit card? Calm down, you can follow the steps below!

Technological advancements have made people’s lifestyle changes as well. If in the ’90s, we were still communicating via landline and public telephone, in this era of Millenials smartphones or mobile phones would become a way of communicating with everyone. Hp is one of the kind gadgets whose existence is like opium for the public.

This is because mobile is no longer a communication tool

This is because mobile is no longer a communication tool

But it also serves as an information finder. With just a mobile phone and internet network, you can do many things. From finding specific locations, sending and opening emails, booking tickets to traveling, watching live news broadcasts, and more. With the many benefits of having a hp, you will definitely stick with this one gadget.

There are two things that make someone decide to buy a new hp, either because of the old hp or because they want to have hp with the latest features and technology. The price of this latest release is very variable. Some are priced at prices ranging from millions to tens of millions of dollars.

Since the price is good enough, you don’t want to have to plow a deep pocket. Usually, we save first if we want to buy a new phone, but what if it is urgent because the phone you are using is currently broken or out of use? You don’t want to have to buy a new phone right away. But what if the funds in the savings were not raised enough to buy a new phone?

Two HP Installment Options Without Credit Card

Two HP Installment Options Without Credit Card

Be quiet guys, all the problems will definitely be resolved. If you don’t have the funds to buy a new phone, then you can buy it in a small way. Shouldn’t a credit card be withdrawn? It can also be done without a credit card. There are two options for how to make mobile payment without a credit card:

HP Installment Without Credit Card Through Marketplace

The first option for a credit-card-free phone installment is through a marketplace or e-commerce. Today, many marketplaces or e-commerce have implemented a credit-card-free installment payment system that makes it easy for customers who want to buy something small without using a credit card.

Some of the marketplaces or e-commerce implementing credit card-free installment systems are Tokopedia.com, OLX.com, Bukalapak.com, credithandphone.com, Blibli.com, and Lazada.com.

HP Charge Without Fintech P2P Lending Credit Card

The second option is to install credit card-free hp through the fintech P2P lending site . This is considered to be quite efficient and easier to do. The system applied is different from the first credit card hp payment method because you do not use a loan service from the marketplace but from a fintech P2P lending company so the system used is a cash loan online loan.

So in the future the fintech P2P lending company will first lend you the funds, then you can use them to buy hp. But that doesn’t mean you can choose the fintech P2P lending company carelessly. Choose a trusted fintech P2P lending company like Good Credit as it is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) so it is safe to be supervised by the government.

Advantages of HP Charging Without Credit Card with Good Credit

Advantages of HP Charging Without Credit Card with Good Credit

Unknowingly then unfortunately, if you still hesitate to use Good Credit’s lending service for credit card-free installments, it’s best to know first hand what the benefits of this cash lending application are.

  • No Credit Card Required

The advantage of Good Credit online loans is that you are not required to have a credit card. In contrast to other lending systems that usually require credit card ownership first. If you have a credit card condition why bother applying for a cash loan again?

  • No Money Required

There are few lending companies that require a down payment as a way to liquidate a loan. In Good Credit, you don’t have to spend a dime. So you don’t have to worry about how much you need to pay in advance.

  • The Loan Value is High

Another advantage of an Good Credit loan is that the fund floor provided to you is quite high. For loan funds a minimum of $ 1 million and a maximum of $ 20m. So make sure the price of the hp you are going to buy is not less or less than the nominal price yes!

  • Long Term Loan Duration

The duration of the loan is also extended for a period of 180 days (6 months). Choose a loan term that is appropriate and affordable. Not because you want a quick installment to pay off, so you can take a faster time. If your monthly income is limited, it is best to take the maximum installment so that the installment can be paid on time until it is settled.